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Middle School Math
  Mrs. McClanahan

We're already in the 
            33rd week of school!  

        Math Night.  
       Was a HUGE SUCCESS!  
I heard wonderful reviews and comments about how well the students presented their HELPFUL information.  Games were a hit!  The FOOD was delicious!
*I hope many of the students use the Math Websites this summer to keep their math minds growing! 

Khan Academy Challenge!   
Congratulations!!!  Taylor Hug  & Avery Frost    
Any Middle School Student who completes their grade level in Khan Academy this school year will be honored at Award Night in May!.

Math Minutes Masters -You are in charge of your own Math Minute Practice this quarter.  Please practice a Math Minute each week.  The opportunity to pass that Math Minute happens each Friday during Math class.

Math Minute Hall of Fame! .

 8th Grade * Sophie   * Rebecca   * Ty    

* Taylor       * Carter    * Jenna        * Danny       *Ryan          *  Zack     * Spencer


Image result for ambition 7th Grade

*  Kris    * Ethan    * Madison

 * Victor  *  Tanner  * Hailey

*  Reegan

6th Grade

*Susie     *Chase   *Julia  *Taylor   *Kade M. 

*Carter   *Isabella

*More students are close to reaching this goal in each class!   I look forward to entering more names soon!

To earn this Award students need to pass

7 Different Math Minutes! .


We take a test or quiz every week in Math Class. 

I encourage students to TRY every problem and show me what they can do. 


Test and Quiz Retakes <--this is a link to read more about this process.

I believe that as a student participates in class and practices their math homework at home, their understanding of those concept can grow.  For me, that's the whole point.

Therefore, when a student wants to retake a quiz or test, I want to give them a chance to show their new understanding. Below are the requirements for this privilege.

  • Students can retest in Math

  • Students need to make an appointment with Mrs. McClanahan at least a day in advance of the retesting appointment

  • Students need to correctly rework any missed proble

  • ms on the test they are retaking.

  • Students may be asked to complete a Khan Academy exercise to practice

  • One test retake per appointment. (Don't wait until grades are due and try to retake 3 quizzes.)

  • Students need a dated note of permission to stay after school, e-mail or hand written by a parent/guardian.

Important things to know about Math Homework:

* I assign homework every night.

* Each problem should be worked. It's important to practice!

* I will answer any questions the following day.

* I want students to try every problem on every assignment.

* Students need to complete every assignment, even on days they are

not in class.

* The Homework Document lists each days assignment, most

assignments require the text book to complete the assignment.

* Homework is collected sporadically to see that it is complete. All

homework should be completed in the Math Notebook, in a

chronological order.

(6th grade will work pages in there workbooks)

* Homework is worth 20% of the overall Math grade.

* The Weekly Quiz or Chapter Test will consist of the same type of

problems that were practiced that week (or previous weeks) in

the Homework.

* 4th quarter the math score comes from Tests, Quizzes and Presentations. (Homework is required as a good practice, but is not considered for a grade. WE know that the practice "homework" highly effects the grade and participation/understanding during class discussions.)

Math Minutes Practice - 
 We study a basic math skill each week in class and 
 will get an opportunity to pass that 
Math Minute each Friday.
Students are definitely encouraged to practice at home!


Birthdays We celebrate birthdays 
                                               on a monthly basis 
                                               on the last Friday of each month.

         We will celebrate        

          another successful school year,     

          Friday, May 25th,    
                at 12:30.       

Integrity       Always doing what's  
                         even when no one is  watching
        Image result for gratitude quotesRelated image    
Developing students who are COMPETENTProductive 
        and Responsible   by promoting the academic skills character 
           needed to succeed in life.   

Math Night!
80 students participated, 
60 people signed in as guests. 
Lots of Fun!  Lots of Learning!

Character Word of the week
the quality of being kind and generous.

The habit of giving FREELY without EXPECTING anything in return.

What's going on in Math Class?
Each week I will post here what we're studying in the different Math Classes.  There is a link below you may follow to view what Standard each topic satisfies. 

6th grade   
  • adding and subtracting integers (negative and positive numbers)
7th grade  

  • Geometric Trasformations
8th grade   

  • Quadratic Equations
  • The Pythagorean Theorem
  • Simplifying Radical Equations
  • Dividing Polynomials
  • Radical Expressions
     What was the homework tonight?    Homework 
     What did I miss while I was absent?  Homework 
What Standards we are learning
this week in:  

 6th grade  All of them :)
 7th grade  All of them
 8th grade.   All of the Standards.

School Bucks-

This year, as a school, we are using a website, called School Bucks, for parents to pay for yearbooks and field trips. We will no longer accept cash for these things (or even for lunch money) we will still accept checks. Thank you for your help as we become more digital.



Related image

Tact, the ART of making a point without making an Enemy.  
                                                        Isaac Newton

concerned more with the needs and wishes of others than with one's own; unselfish.

The showing of politeness in one's attitude 

and behavior toward others.