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The students are very excited about fall break.  Remind them that all missing assignments are due by Friday.  I will not accept any missing assignments after break.  Please use TylerSIS and the Middle School Homework Doc regularly to stay aware of grades and assignments.  In TylerSis you can use the drop down to determine the assignments.

Hello! I am thrilled to be joining the staff, students, and parents at Falcon Ridge Public Charter School.  This is my eleventh year working with middle school math students. I was born and raised in a suburb of Chicago...  “Go Cubs” and “Go Bears”!  I moved to Meridian 13 years ago with my husband Brian who travels often and sells French Fry making equipment worldwide.  We have three grown children; John, who is currently living in Salem, and who is also involved in food machinery sales, Mike, a mechanical engineer and married to a wonderful woman who ironically is also a Math teacher, Caitlin, AND who blessed us with our first grandson, Ryker. Being a Nana is the best event of my life and of course I have the cutest grandson EVER!  and my daughter, who is getting her Master’s degree in Criminal Justice from Seattle University. My husband and I love to travel every chance that we get. This summer we went to Virginia, North Carolina, Chicago and McCall. Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns. I am excited to be working with a new group of students and to be a part of the staff here at Falcon Ridge.

Test and Homework Corrections <--this is a link to read more about this process.

I believe that as a student participates in class and practicestheir math homework at home, their understanding of those concept can grow.  For me, that's the whole point.

Therefore, when a student wants to make corrections on homework or tests, I want to give them a chance to show their new understanding. Below are the requirements for this privilege.

Homework Corrections:

  • Students can make corrections on any homework in Math class, these corrections should be made with red pen while we review the problems together

  • If multiple problems need to be corrected, the student can make the corrections and return it in a couple days

Test Corrections:

  • Students can make corrections on any test in Math class

  • Students should make corrections on a separate sheet of paper along with the explanation as to why they are changing their answer.  

  • Corrections should be attached to the original test.  

  • Corrections are normally due within 2 days of the return of the original test.

  • Students are allowed only one opportunity to make corrections so they may want to practice on Khan Academy or come in for extra help.


Important things to know about Math Homework:

* I assign homework every night.

* Each problem should be worked. It's important to practice!

* I will answer any questions the following day.

* I want students to try every problem on every assignment.

* Students need to complete every assignment, even on days they are

not in class.

* The Homework Document lists each days assignment, most

assignments require the text book to complete the assignment.

* Homework is collected sporadically to see that it is complete. All

notes should be completed in the Math Notebook (Interactive Notebook - INB), in chronological order.

(6th grade will work in their books as well as the notebook)


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What's going on in Math Class?
Check out the "View Middle School Homework" link on the far left side of the page.                                            

School Bucks-

This year, as a school, we are using a website, called School Bucks, for parents to pay for yearbooks and field trips. We will no longer accept cash for these things (or even for lunch money) we will still accept checks. Thank you for your help as we become more digital.


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Khan Academy Challenge!   
Any Middle School Student who completes their grade level in Khan Academy this school year will be honored at Award Night in May!

Integrity       Always doing what's  
                         even when no one is  watching.

We celebrate birthdays on a monthly basis on the last Friday of each month.