Middle School Math
  Mrs. McClanahan

May 19th  - Last day to Retake a Test or Quiz to improve                                 score and show you've learned the Math.

        We will celebrate    May Birthdays,  

      on Thursday, May 25nd, at 8 o'clock. 

What's going on Around Falcon Ridge?

  Friday, May 19th & Saturday May 20th  -  Beauty and the Beast Play

 Tuesday, May 23rd      -   May Birthday's Celebrations

 Wednesday, May 24th -   Field Day

 Thursday, May 25th     -   Field Trips

                            8th grade Graduating to High School Ceremony  

                           Awards Night

                            Last day of School for 8th grade

 Friday, May 26th   -  Last day of School

What's Going on in Math Class?
   (by May 22nd) - Khan Academy Challenge!  
    - Any Middle School Student who completes their grade level in Khan Academy
         will receive a reward on Award Night - May 25, 2017
      May 19th  - Last day to Retake a Test or Quiz to improve score and 
         show you've learned the Math.

6th grade   Representing Data
                        1.  Using, Displaying, and reading data in various forms.
                        2.  Creating Dot Plots, Line plots, Box and Whiskers, Histograms, Bar Graphs,  line graphs to display data.
                        3.  Unit Project.  Researching, Collecting, Analyzing and Displaying data.

7th grade     Statistics and Probability
                        1. Probability of Simple events
                        2. Probability of Compound Events
                        3. Simulating probability for Experimental probability
                        4. Calculating Theoretical probability 
                        5.  Final Project - Year in Review Math Notes Pendent.
8th grade   Statistics and Probability
                        1.  Simulating probability for Experimental probability
                         2.  Calculating Theoretical probability   
                         3.  Calculating Permutations and Combinations
                         4.  Probability of Compound Events
                         5.  Probability distributions
                         6.  Final Project - Year in Review Math Notes Pendent.

Math Minute Hall of Fame! .

                                          8th Grade

Katelynne, Kylee, Josie, Emma,  Bayne, Isabelle, Ryli

                                         7th Grade

Carter  Danny Sophia Jenna  John Rebecca

Taylor  Joseph  Ryan Ty Spencer

                                           6th Grade

Hailey,  Wil, Victor, Ethan, Tristin, Jonah, Kristopher

Excellent work! These kids Have passed 7 Different Math Minutes!

       If you are going to be "Famous" you have a just a few more days to qualify.

 Practice Math Minutes 
We get take the opportunity to pass to the next level this Wednesday and  Friday.

* I assign homework every night. Each problem should be worked.

I will answer any questions the following day.

I want students to try every problem.

Test and Quiz Retakes

  • Students can retest in Math

  • Students need to make an appointment with Mrs. McClanahan at least a day in advance of the retesting appointment

  • Students need to correctly rework any missed problems on the test they are retaking.

  • Students may be asked to complete a Khan Academy exercise to practice

  • One test retake per appointment. (Don't wait until grades are due and try to retake 3 quizzes.)

  • Students need a dated note of permission to stay after school, e-mail or hand written by a parent/guardian.


     What was the homework tonight?    Homework 
     What did I miss while I was absent?  Homework 
    What Standards we are learning this week in   6th grade       7th grade          8th grade.    .