Welcome to Third Grade!

Communication between home and school is vital and encouraged. 




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Your child needs your support in the 
homework area as encouragement,
setting a homework time, and
following through to ensure that the
work is completed. I appreciate all
your support in helping your child
continue to develop good study habits.

Weekly Homework

Week 1

Mad Minute (Teacher Provided)

Culture Bag due Friday (Teacher Provided)

Week 2 Aug. 21
Week 3 Aug. 28
Week 4 Sept. 5
Week 5 Sept. 11
Week 6 Sept. 18
Week 7 Sept. 25
Week 8 Oct. 2
Week 9 Oct. 16
Week 10 Oct. 23
Week 11 Oct. 30
Week 12 Nov. 6
Week 13 Nov. 13
Week 14 Nov. 27
Week 15 Dec. 4
Week 16 Dec. 11
Week 17  Jan. 2
Week 18  Jan. 8
Week19 Jan.16
Week 20 Jan. 22
Week 21  Jan. 29
Week 22 Feb. 5
Week 23 Feb.12
Week 24 Feb. 26
Week 25  Mar. 5
Week 26 Mar. 12
Week 27  Mar. 19
Week 28 Apr. 9
Week 29 Apr.16
Week 30 Apr.23
Week 31 Apr. 30
Week 32 May 7
Week 33 May 14


How can you help your child?

Have a quiet place with materials ready for homework.
Be positive!
Have your child explain what they are suppose to do before they begin.
Encourage your child to write neatly.
Practice basic math facts at home on a regular basis-DAILY is best.
Have a family game night. Most games use some type of math in them. 
Explore math around you-at the store, in the kitchen, clock, car, etc.Think aloud when you use math.
Give your child hints, NOT the answers.
Draw pictures, make tables or charts to help solve problems.


  We celebrate birthdays monthly for our students. Birthday celebrations are usually scheduled for the last Friday of each month with a few exceptions.
There are 29 children in our class. 
Please send all supplies for the
treat: napkins, cups,
 whatever will be needed for your treat.

Important Dates
Birds of Prey Art Contest-April 25th.

 Washington D.C. projects due April 27th.

April Birthdays- celebrated on April 27th. 

Expressions Night April 27th @ 7:00PM

Field Trip-May 18th to Kuna History 
(Details later.)

Field Trip- May 22nd to Capitol & Discovery Center (Details later.)



Brief Overview of 3rd
 Grade Subject Areas
  In third grade, we use the
McGraw-Hill Reading
and Math  series. 

Language Arts/Spelling

   The McGraw-Hill Reading
Program incorporates listening,
speaking, reading, writing,
grammar, phonics and spelling
skills into each unit of study. 

    The math curriculum will
focus on the addition and
subtraction of 3-4 digit numbers,
place value, counting money,
geometry, fractions, probability,
measurement, multiplication
and division. Special emphasis
will be placed on problem
solving. A mastery of
multiplication facts from
0-12 is expected, by the end
of third grade.

Social Studies

     The third grade program
focuses on the study of world
communities. The students will
expand their concept of
community by discovering
how geography history,
natural resources and
economics have shaped the
communities of our world today.