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be able to do starting 2nd grade!


Order from Scholastic anytime before Aug. 25th.  If you prefer, you can send in a check made payable to Scholastic Book Orders along with order form......but why not try ordering online!?!  It is so easy, and you will have access to all Scholastic books, not just the books in the flyers sent home!  If you would like to order online, please use the online 2nd Grade class code NB4LF.  When you order online Scholastic will still ship your order to the school for me to distribute to your child. 



Please click on the link below to access the weekly focus of what we are learning in 2nd grade.  The most current week will always be at the top of this list:



Today we practiced our mouths NOT being a volcano!  It is a tough skill and I am very impressed with how the class worked to keep their volcanoes from erupting.   Students are bringing home a paper today that shows their idea they came up with to help them remember.  Take a few minutes to review this with them and reiterate the importance of listening to other people's important words and not exploding/interrupting.  :)   


Baggie books need to come back to school EVERY DAY; homework folders only need to return on Fridays.  I do not check homework folders until Friday (there's just no time every day to do so), if you need to contact me with a question/comment please send me an email.  :) 

PICTURES will be Wed., Aug. 30th!


This year, as a school, we are using a website called MySchoolBucks  This is the same website we have been using in the past for parents to pay for lunches.  This service will now allow parents to pay for yearbooks, field trips, pictures, etc. online!  Yay!  We will no longer accept cash for items such as these (including lunches/milks).  Checks will still be accepted.  More detailed information will be coming so "stay tuned!"  If you have any login questions please contact the FRPCS office.  


#1.  How can you GROW your brain?  Parents, have your child draw me a picture, write me a note, or send me an email by Mon. 8/21/17 that tells me how they can grow their brain.  I can't wait to hear all your ideas! 

#2. Memorize our 2nd grade class poem.  As you work with your child talk with them about what some of the words/phrases mean.  

 Birthday Schedule:

 Month Celebration Date
Aug./Sept.  Friday, Sept. 29th
 Oct.Friday, Oct. 27th 
 Nov.Friday, Nov. 17th 
 Dec. Friday, Dec. 15th
Jan.  Friday, Jan. 26th
Feb. Wednesday, Feb. 14th 
 Mar.Friday, Mar. 23rd 
Apr. Friday, Apr. 27th 
 May/June/July Friday, May 18th

2nd grade birthday celebrations will be held on the above dates from 1:45 - 2:00.  If you choose to bring treats, please have them at school by Noon.  Please remember to bring the same treat/item for each student.  Treats will need to be pre-cut and/or wrapped.  Please do not send anything that will need to be eaten with utensils/plates/bowls/etc.  NO cake or cupcakes will be allowed.  
Lexile Number (Use this website to get ideas of which books your student is ready to read!)

Currently the PTO is in an inactive state because they don't have parents to fulfill the officer roles.  We really appreciate all the hard work our PTO does for us so if you can find time in your busy schedule to step up and take office I know we (as a school) would be very excited!  Visit their website: PTO