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be able to do starting 2nd grade!

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WEEKLY VIRTUE:  Patience - not complaining and remaining calm about a situation.


Please click on the link below to access the weekly focus of what we are learning in 2nd grade.  The most current week will always be at the top of this list:

Week 16 - Dec. 11th - 15th
Week 15 - Dec. 4th - Dec. 8th
Week 14 - Nov. 27th - Dec. 1st
Week 13 - Nov. 13th - 17th
Week 12 - Nov. 6th - 10th
Week 11 - Oct. 30th - Nov. 3rd
Week 10 - Oct. 23rd - 27th 
Week 9 - Oct. 16th - 20th
Week 8 - Oct. 2nd - 6th
Week 7 - Sept. 25th - 29th
Week 6 - Sept. 18th - 22nd
Week 5 - Sept. 11th - 15th
Week 4 - Sept. 5th - 8th
Week 3 - Aug. 28th - Sept. 1st
Week 2 - Aug. 22nd - 25th

2nd Grade Hall of Fame:

The following students have passed off these categories for our 2nd grade Hall of Fame!  Wow!  Aren't they awesome?!  Great job guys and gals!  
(Remember students must first pass off 40 addition 3x before they can move on to the remaining categories.)

40 Addition:
  • Benjamin 
  • Logan
  • Addie
  • Tyson W.
  • Charlotte
  • JR
  • Joey
  • Kyndall
  • McKenna
  • Oakley
40 Subtraction:
  • Benjamin
  • Tyson W.
  • Logan
40 Multiplication:

40 Division:

  • Benjamin
  • Tyson W.



Please keep in mind that anything that comes home in your child's homework folder is additional support they will need to finish and return to school.  As always, spelling studying is optional but encouraged.  Your child's spelling list will go home each Monday in his/her homework folder.

Due Friday, Dec. 15th: 
  1. Read Works Assignments:  enter class code EC5RW5, select your name, and type the password 1234.  Don't forget to click SUBMIT once finished with everything:
    1. Read: Holidays!
    2. Answer Comprehension questions
  2. Map Skills Assignments:
    1. Complete at least 1 assigned resources.
  3. Nightly Reading (M-TH) - goal of at least 20 min.  Remember your Read Works online assignment can count for 20 min. of nightly reading!  The reading bookmark for December is due on Friday, Dec. 15th!


#1. A riddle is a phrase, question, or statement with a double meaning.  Solving riddles is super important to enhancing your critical thinking and problem solving skills.  Riddles have also been known to improve comprehension and creativity!  Can you solve this riddle without searching for the answer online?  You can send your answer to me in an email or write it down on a piece of paper.  Have fun!  

Here's the riddle:  
I am very heavy, but backwards I'm not.

Congratulations to CHARLOTTE who was the only one to solve our challenge!  The answer is TON.  :)

Read Works - Enter the classroom code EC5RW5, find your name and click on it, enter the password 1234Please do NOT change the password.

Scholastic    (use code NB4LF to order online anytime!)


BEHAVIOR GOAL:  To stay CALM and show patience.
We have been practicing what calm looks like, sounds like, and how to act to remain calm in the classroom.  We are trying to have each student remain calm in a variety of situations throughout our school day.  

READING GOAL:  To have everyone in our class meet our Winter reading fluency goal of 77wpm.  For those already passed this goal expressionpacing, and phrasing are areas we are focusing on.  This week we will be learning about PRONUNCIATION.  

Reading Fluency:  
Fall Goal (September): 54wpm
Winter Goal (January): 77wpm
Spring Goal (April): 92wpm
FRPCS Spring Goal (May): 111wpm

MATH GOAL:  To have the majority of our class pass off 2nd grade Addition facts at least once!  The goal for 2nd grade is 40 addition facts in a minute.....3X!

 Birthday Schedule:

 Month Celebration Date
Aug./Sept.  Friday, Sept. 29th
 Oct.Tuesday, Oct. 31st 
 Nov.Friday, Nov. 17th 
 Dec. Friday, Dec. 15th
Jan.  Friday, Jan. 26th
Feb. Wednesday, Feb. 14th 
 Mar.Friday, Mar. 23rd 
Apr. Friday, Apr. 27th 
 May/June/July Friday, May 18th

2nd grade birthday celebrations will be held on the above dates from 1:45 - 2:00.  If you choose to bring treats, please have them at school by Noon.  Please remember to bring the same treat/item for each student.  Treats will need to be pre-cut and/or wrapped.  Please do not send anything that will need to be eaten with utensils/plates/bowls/etc.  NO cake or cupcakes will be allowed.  

The PTO is back up and running!   We really appreciate all the hard work our PTO does for us so if you can find time in your busy schedule to step up and volunteer I know we (as a school) would be very excited!  Visit their website: PTO or email the PTO at