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1.  Click here to know what your child should be able to do before starting 2nd grade!

2.  Standards your child will learn and practice in 2nd grade:
      ELA (Reading, Writing, Language, & Speaking)

3.  Click here to know what your child should be able to do by the END of 2nd grade.

2nd Grade Behavior Policy:  
We have started a new Behavior tracking system in our class.  It is as follows:

3 checkmarks = parent email sent home
3 emails = 1 visit to Administration
3 visits to Admin = 1 recommendation made to the Admin. for a DAR.

Please see the Student Handbook for consequences for recurring DAR issuance.

Our 2nd grade class poem is a good reminder of positive behaviors we should have in our classroom. This is a great place to start learning and talking about how to show excellence in our class and at our school.

2nd Grade Hall of Fame:

The following students have passed off these categories for our 2nd grade Hall of Fame!  Wow!  Aren't they awesome?!  Great job guys and gals!  
(Remember students must first pass off 40 addition 3x before they can move on to ANY of the remaining categories.)

40 Addition
Noah K.

40 Subtraction
Noah K.

40 Multiplication

40 Division

Oakley (map & continents)

Noah K.

Noah K.

Way to go to these students who have passed off ALL categories for Hall of Fame:


This year I would like to implement a STEM rotation in our centers.  In order to do this, it requires materials.  In addition, many of the supplies for STEM would also work for various art projects we could do.  If you have any of these you can donate at anytime throughout the year we would LOVE it and put it to good use!  Just send them with your child!  Thanks in advance.
  • cupcake liners
  • rubber bands
  • Popsicle sticks
  • tape
  • cotton balls
  • plastic cups
  • Styrofoam cups
  • magnets
  • paper plates
  • q-tips
  • tooth picks
  • straws
  • coffee filters
  • envelopes
  • brown paper bags
  • yarn
  • string
  • paper bowls
  • tin foil
  • glitter
  • google eyes
  • toilet paper rolls (empty)
  • paper towel rolls (empty)
  • beads
  • white watercolor paper
  • playdough (bought or made)
  • pipe cleaners
  • tissue paper
  • old legos, k'nex, other building blocks THAT YOU DO NOT WANT RETURNED.


Some of you have sent me your Roaring Reader forms.  Thank you.  If you have a completed one at home, you can take a picture of it and email it to me.  Forms are due now by April 24th.  

Homework and due dates are as follows:
  • Homework Folder - bring Daily M-F
  • 20 min. reading (book bag book, digital book, library book, online reading, and/or fluency passages all count!)  Bring book Daily M-TH
  • Reading Log  -  bring Daily M-TH
  • Mad Minute - bring completed Daily T-F
  • Spelling & Vocabulary (OPTIONAL STUDY) - No need to bring back to class, this is just for extra study at home if you so choose.


PARENT Websites:
Scholastic   - use code NB4LF to order online anytime!  
By doing so, we earn classroom dollars through Scholastic. 

MATH Websites:
Prodigy - class code is F92AFD.  Students should have individual usernames and passwords.
APlusMath - This website has a great flashcard section to practice math fact fluency.

READING Websites:
Epic - Enter the classroom code KXZ8981, find your name and click on it, enter your personal password (your desk number TWO TIMES.  ex.  #1 would be 0101 #27 would be 2727).  Please do NOT change the password.
Read Works - Enter the classroom code 5Z2LPC, find your name and click on it, enter the password 1234Please do NOT change the password.

Falcon Ridge Websites - Students use some of these websites during their Keyboard/Computer class.  They are welcome to access them at home.
eSpark Learning Click the link, then click "login" at the upper right.  Then your child can click on "student" and enter their username/password.
Moby Max - students should have their individual username and password.  Please do NOT change the password.


Reading Fluency:  
Fall Goal (September): 54wpm
Winter Goal (January): 77wpm
Spring Goal (April-May): 92wpm
FRPCS Spring Goal (May): 111wpm

iStation Score: 1

Math Fluency:
Fall Goal (September): 25 Addition Facts/min.
Winter Goal (January): 40 Addition Facts/min.
Spring Goal (May): 40 Addition Facts passed off 3x
FRPCS Spring Goal (May): 40 Addition & Subtraction Facts passed off 3x

Birthday Schedule:

           MONTH                 CELEBRATION DATE

 May/June/JulyFriday, May 15th

2nd grade birthday celebrations will be held on the above dates from 1:45 - 2:00.  If you choose to bring treats, please have them at school by Noon.  Please remember to bring the same treat/item for each student.  Treats will need to be pre-cut and/or wrapped. Please do NOT send anything that will need to be eaten with utensils/plates/bowls/etc OR cut into pieces.  We do not have access to plates, forks, knives, etc.  

We really appreciate all the hard work our PTO does for us so if you can find time in your busy schedule to step up and volunteer I know we (as a school) would be very excited!  Visit their website: PTO or email the PTO at