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1.  Click here to know what your child should be able to do before starting 2nd grade!

2.  Standards your child will learn and practice in 2nd grade: 
      ELA (Reading, Writing, Language, & Speaking)

4.  Click here to know what your child should be able to do by the END of 2nd grade.

Kindness - The act of being friendly, generous, and considerate to others.

Our 2nd grade class poem...which we will need to have a great start to learning and talking about kindness.  

2nd Grade Hall of Fame:

The following students have passed off these categories for our 2nd grade Hall of Fame!  Wow!  Aren't they awesome?!  Great job guys and gals!  
(Remember students must first pass off 40 addition 3x before they can move on to ANY of the remaining categories.)

40 Addition
40 Subtraction
40 Multiplication
40 Division



It's Summer....Are you Reading?  Have you practiced any math facts?  There are LOTS of great websites (some linked below) and Apps that are educational and fun!  

If you are a new incoming student (parent) for the 2018-2019 school year, click on the expectations links to the left to get an idea of what your child should know coming into 2nd grade as well as what he/she will be learning during 2nd grade.

I want to express my gratefulness in advance for your willingness to purchase items on our supply lists for FRPCS, specifically our 2nd grade supply list.  Without your help, the many things we do in class would be very difficult!  Thank-you, personally, for making my job easier.  And thank-you for putting your child's education first!


IXL (Select students ONLY for this website.  Parents have been emailed with their child's login information if your child has access to this program.)
Read Works - Enter the classroom code EC5RW5, find your name and click on it, enter the password 1234Please do NOT change the password.

Scholastic    (use code NB4LF to order online anytime!  By doing so, we earn classroom dollars through Scholastic.  In 2nd grade students pick up reading very quickly and we go through A LOT of chapter books!  All classroom dollars we earn through your purchases on Scholastic go to purchasing new (or replacement) books your students want to read!)  



Reading Fluency:  
Fall Goal (September): 54wpm
Winter Goal (January): 77wpm
Spring Goal (April-May): 92wpm
FRPCS Spring Goal (May): 111wpm

Birthday Schedule:

 Month Celebration Date
Aug./Sept.  Friday, Sept. 28th
 Oct.Tuesday, Oct. 26th
 Nov.Friday, Nov. 30th 
 Dec. Friday, Dec. 20th
Jan.  Friday, Jan. 25th
Feb. Wednesday, Feb. 15th
 Mar.Friday, Mar. 22nd
Apr. Friday, Apr. 26th 
 May/June/July Friday, May 24th

2nd grade birthday celebrations will be held on the above dates from 1:45 - 2:00.  If you choose to bring treats, please have them at school by Noon.  Please remember to bring the same treat/item for each student.  Treats will need to be pre-cut and/or wrapped.  Please do not send anything that will need to be eaten with utensils/plates/bowls/etc.  NO cake or cupcakes will be allowed.  

We really appreciate all the hard work our PTO does for us so if you can find time in your busy schedule to step up and volunteer I know we (as a school) would be very excited!  Visit their website: PTO or email the PTO at