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                    ***Parent conferences***
Please fill in your name with a time that works for you.  If none of these times                                              work, please contact me and we will work out another time or conference via                                                 phone or email.  Click HERE to access the Google doc.



Week 8 Motivational Mindset:                    

  The person who does the WORK is the only

 one who LEARNS.           -Harry Wong

 A parent's guide to the growth mindset

                                                                                 ~~~~~~~~~~~Scholastic Books~~~~~~~~~~

                                                    I usually do one scholastic order per month.  If                                                        you would like to order books from Scholastic                                                       online, please use our classroom code of                                                                 HBN6Z to place your order.  

Falcon Ridge Birthday Celebrations

We celebrate birthdays monthly for our students. Birthday celebrations are usually scheduled for the last Friday of each month with a few exceptions: August and September birthdays will both be celebrated on the last Friday in September; all December birthdays are celebrated on the last Friday students are in school in December; February birthdays are celebrated mid-month to correspond with Valentine’s Day; and summer birthdays (June and July) are celebrated in conjunction with May birthdays on the last Friday in May.  Birthday students may bring snacks to share during our celebration at the end of the day on the assigned day.  Participation is completely optional.

1.      Please bring the same kind of everything so nobody feels left out. It is helpful to bring non-gender items.  We have 33 students in our class and multiple nut allergies this year.

2.      Please bring individually wrapped, non-messy foods. Please do not bring pieces of cake or cupcakes which leave lots of crumbs to be cleaned up after school. Homemade treats are fine, but please pre-cut them and wrap them in baggies to be passed out individually. You can substitute a small toy for a food treat if you’d like.

3.     Treats need to be at school no later than 12:00.  You may send them in with your student that morning.  Please do not send them a day early.

4.      Please remember this celebration is not a birthday party. Please save cameras, hats, candles, and games for your private birthday celebrations.